Vendor Spotlight | Wedding Officiant Amy Lindsey

October 19, 2020

I am so pleased to spotlight Amy Lindsey this week! Amy has graciously joined the Love is Essential: Pittsburgh’s Frontliner Wedding Giveaway team as our wedding officiant, and we are thrilled to see what she crafts for each one of our special couples. Warm. Caring. Compassionate. Accommodating. Amy has a way of uplifting her couples, instinctively relating to them on a meaningful level to help guide them through the marriage process and endeavor to alleviate worries and stress. Without further ado, meet Amy…

Tell us a little bit about you. How did you begin officiating wedding ceremonies? My background is as a musician, both a singer and pianist, plus as a teacher. When my husband Joel (co-owner of Joel Lindsey Entertainment) and I got married in 2009, we actually had two ceremonies, two weeks apart, in both Beaver, Pennsylvania and London, England.  Our ceremony here was very DIY, which included writing it ourselves. About a year later, friends of ours asked me to officiate their wedding, which led to another and another. Now, ten years later, I have performed over 100 ceremonies, from Pittsburgh to Costa Rica to Rome. I love every single one. 

What is your favorite part of working with a couple? Every ceremony I officiate is customized to best represent who they are as individuals and as a couple. This allows me to get to know them a bit better and make sure that their once-in-a-lifetime moment is truly memorable for them. Plus, I get the best seat in the house on the wedding day!

Do you have any favorite moments of working with couples or favorite memories? That’s a hard one! In general, my favorite ceremonies are the ones that include their dog! I had one just recently that went from being a large wedding in a big venue to an intimate ceremony with just their family and wedding party in their backyard, thanks to the pandemic. We decided to make the most of it. Their “Best Man” was replaced by their Mastiff, Diesel, who even brought me the rings!

I also love weddings that join together people from two different backgrounds, as it gives us the opportunity to highlight each person’s uniqueness. Last summer, I performed a bilingual ceremony in Italy for an American and Italian couple, where everything was spoken in both Italian and English.  They even made sure to do their vows in both languages!  There was not a dry eye to be seen.

What makes your company unique? Joel Lindsey Entertainment consists of just my husband, Joel, and me.  This means that not only are you supporting a “mom and pop store”, but you also have a team that is dedicated to working one-on-one with every couple. We were CLUELESS when we got married as to what to do on the big day. We even had to have a friend tell us when to cut the cake on our day, because we forgot that you have to do that! No one should feel like that, and so we are committed to helping couples plan for everything that can, should and may happen on the day. We want them to be able to fully enjoy their wedding – especially with all of their hard work that leads up to that day.

Echoing my husband Joel, it is such an honor to be able to be a part of this event and help to give back to all those who have gone above and beyond during these difficult times. We are all facing challenges right now, and the more that we can help each other out, the stronger we will be together.

Thanks Amy! You can read more about her work, see video samples of her in action, or inquire for her services here.

Photos: 1) Dawn Derbyshire, 2) Hot Metal Studio, 3) Alexis

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