Vendor Spotlight | Tasty Bakery

July 23, 2020

I am SO excited to spotlight the work on Beverly from Tasty Bakery! She has graciously joined us as a sponsor in the Pittsburgh Frontliner Wedding Giveaway. I know first hand how incredibly lucky our winners will be to be able to see and taste her creations. Her edible cookie dough cups are a personal favorite. (I may have eaten more than 5 in one sitting at my son’s first birthday party. Don’t tell!) And, her icing is divine! I’ll be dreaming of her lemon-raspberry while I write this. Without further ado…

Hi! My name is Beverly and I created Tasty Bakery so people would be able to get their dream cake, and have it taste just as good as it looks! I always knew I always wanted to own my own bakery, and I actually sometimes can’t believe it is as successful as it is. Seeing your dream come to life is pretty crazy! Weddings are by far my favorite events to be a part of. Everyone is SO happy and SO excited, it is just such a rewarding experience. From the one on one consultations, to delivering the cake and placing the flowers- I truly love every single part. I actually made my first “Tasty Bakery” three-tier wedding cake for my best friend’s mom, where I met my husband, haha! I think after that I kind of naturally just gravitated towards weddings in general because I really like to make “pretty” cakes- and there are no other occasions to make a more beautiful cake than a wedding. 

What is your favorite part of designing or working with a couple? The best part of working with each couple is that every one is so different, and has their own unique style planned for their wedding. Even if two weddings might be similar in the color scheme or “theme,” the cake is never the same. Cakes that I duplicate from an inspiration picture are always slightly different in some way! I also feel that couples that come to me know my style. That is what draws them in. (Honestly, a lot of my couples come in already knowing exactly what they want, and I literally have little part in designing, haha!)

This year is really exciting. We recently moved locations. Now there is an intimate wedding cake tasting/consultation room with lots of room, and display cakes for couples to get a closer look at sizes and designs!

Do you have a favorite or most memorable design? I would have to say that my career peaked when I made my own wedding cake last year- haha! I mean seriously, is there anything better? Other than that, when I first started my bakery back in 2015-2016 I made a replica of Wrigley Field for a couple getting married in West Virginia. Windswept actually reached out because a worker there was friends with my cousin, and he knew I did “fancy” cakes. When he first said what they wanted, I (sadly) had to google Wrigley Field. I was like- well I am either going to make this cake and nail it, or I am going to be way in over my head and it will be a disaster. Turns out I nailed it. The cake was such a hit at the wedding that literally everyone there lined up to take pictures together with the cake! It was an unreal feeling to see that many people love something I made! 

What makes your company unique? I try to be very personable and true to who I am, both online and in person. People seem to appreciate that. I obviously have purple hair, and (try to) only wear items of clothing that match my hair- so I think that alone people respect, haha. If you have seen the new lobby in person or in pictures (above), it is my pastel bakery dream come true. However, since Tasty Bakery is growing, it is no longer just me. There are 4 of us now. I know that these ladies want the brand to stay true to what it is. We are a bakery that specializes in cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and other treats that truly taste as good as they look. (As a sweets connoisseur, I can attest to that! – Shayne)

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