Vendor Spotlight | DJ Eric Schiemer

April 7, 2016

An organized and reliable wedding DJ makes a wedding planner’s job easier but one who loves his job so much that he jams out to tunes behind the DJ table makes it fun!  I am thrilled to introduce DJ Eric Schiemer of Schiemer Entertainment to kick off my guest blog series.  His passion is unparalleled and I can’t thank him enough for the incredible moments he’s created for my clients.  Without further ado, meet Eric…


It’s rare for people to find a job that satisfies every part of their personalities, but that’s what being a DJ is to me.  I started DJing simply because of my love of music and the fun of playing songs while people danced.  As I became an adult I’ve grown to love helping couples prepare, organize and fulfill their dreams during their wedding day.  My role as a wedding DJ has become so much more than simply a job, it’s the thing that I get to do.  I’m honored every time a couple chooses me to play such a big part of their special day.


Why do you love your job?

Eric Schiemer 1I started my business performing at any kind of event: weddings, birthday parties, class reunions, holiday parties etc.  I realized that my true passion was playing at weddings and decided to focus my business solely on creating celebrations that are unique to each couple’s unique style. I simply love it.  Being a wedding only DJ offers such variety for me regarding the music, venue and equipment needs. I find it’s always challenging and exciting.


What are your favorite components of a wedding?

Eric Schiemer 4The best part for me would be when I get to work with couples that are passionate about the music for their wedding day.  I enjoy getting the chance to discuss the best choices to create the perfect soundtrack for the celebration.  Even though I have years of experience, the couple knows the people personally who are coming to the reception.  They know that a particular song that I normally don’t play might be extremely special to their grandparents or college friends.  We work together to make sure we include the best songs that will eventually turn into great wedding moments.


Can you share the most memorable moments of your career or anything that might inspire couples in their planning?

Eric Schiemer 3The biggest thing I’ve learned about wedding planning is the importance of focusing on the elements that are true to the couples style and tastes.  That might mean choosing the right music, colors, decorations, or it might mean including a few over the top creative, fun or sentimental moments.

In the past few years I’ve seen:

  • The Penn State marching band and mascot enter with the bridal party
  • Traditional Korean reception events
  • A Father/daughter dance done to a 90’s rap song
  • An 8-piece jazz band playing during cocktail hour
  • A 5 year old singing a special song for the newlyweds
  • A special dance with the Groom and his liver donor
  • Johnny Cash tribute band playing songs during the reception
  • Various reception themes like “The Movies”, “Peacocks”, “Harry Potter”, and “How I Met Your Mother”

This is the one day that a couple’s closest friends and family members gather together to celebrate their new life together, everything about it should be a reflection of them and their personalities.  It’s why I like to get to know the couples the best I can, so I can help ensure their day will be everything they plan it to be.

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